The most resonating comment that anyone has ever said about my artistic practice was (in a bewitching Australian accent) "You have your whole life to make art, donít try to jam everything into one piece". That changed everything.

Iím a multi-disciplinary artist working primarily in the field of sculpture, and my pieces take the form of installation, print-making, performance, video, and photography. Trust, intimacy, authenticity, and humor are the conceptual driving forces concurrent throughout my work.

My creative process begins with very personal, honest experiences (some trivial, some not) which I then expand upon to construct straightforward conceptual works that can be read with a wider cultural commentary. I try to make work that becomes clearer and more resonant the more time one is able to spend with it.

I was born on the border between France and Switzerland, but received neither citizenship. This personal history was a point of inspiration for some of my earlier work, and when people ask where Iím from I switch from France to Switzerland depending on how Iím feeling at the time. Though both France and Switzerland wanted to call me their own, neither won and I inherited American citizenship through my parents. I donít have an accent. I do have misplaced nationalistic notions.

My latest projects include a performance piece which will be executed in private and exhibited as a film, the male installment of "Rubbings", and a wall sculpture loosely depicting a recurring dream I used to have. I'm also (very slowly) trying to turn "Nipples at the Met" into a navigable & searchable website and database.